What is NEET exam ?

NEET is a National Eligibility and Entrance Test  for admission into MBBS course in India

What is the stand of Tamlinadu Government on NEET ?

TN Government is demanding permanent exemption from NEET for MBBS seats for the state government medical colleges and state quota of medical seats in Private Medical Colleges in Tamilnadu.

When all other States has accepted NEET why TN alone opposing it?

Not True.

AIIMS ,PGI,JIPMER are exempted from NEET. States like West Bengal, Gujrat and Bihar are fighting against NEET.

By opposing NEET,is TN government favouring private medical colleges and deemed Universities ?

TN Government asks exemption from NEET only for the MBBS seats under State Government Quota in Private Medical Colleges

Hasn't the TN government announced it will be conducting free (AMMA) Coaching classes for NEET ?

Coaching centers for entrance examination is a big business thriving with many experienced players with resources built over long period of time and involving crores of money. Expecting TN government and it’s teachers to match it help pass students mostly from underprivelged and rural background is not a fair ask. In 2018 only 2 students from the government schools has got medical seats.

By allowing undeserving students to enter MBBS coursed without entrance exam,aren't we reducing the quality of doctors ?

This is an orchasterated lie. For the past 34 years admission to TN MBBS seats is done based on marks scored at higher secondary exams without entrance exams. Of the 2 lakhs students,who pass higher secondary exams ,top 3000 with higher marks enter MBBS course. This is done through a single window system with greater transparency and with no room for corruption or irregularities. TN students who were admitted though this process without entrance exams have cleared NEET exams for Post-graduation in medical studies and they constitute around 15-20% of the students[doctors] quailifying for post-graduation studies. TN which contities 5.7% of India’s population has 15% among the doctors qualifying for post-graduation. This proves that Tamilnadu’s admission process based on higher secondary marks has not impacted quality of Medical Education.

If CBSE syllabus is required for NEET,isn't it good to improve the standard of TN syllabus to match that of CBSE ?

This is a wrong argument. Syllabus is different. It is not true that the standard of TN state board syllabus is inferior to that of CBSE. The syllabus of the CBSE was last revised on 2005,whereas TN state-board syllabus has been revised in 2012 and 2015-16.

What is the use in discussing when TN Government has already tried it's best and Supreme court has given the verdict ?

It is said that supreme court ruled against TN appeal for exempt from NEET because the finalized legal draft for the case was not presented to the lawyer representing the case. Even though the supreme court has given the verdict it is by the 3 member bench.TN government has the right to appeal its case to 5 member bench.We should also remember and learn from the victory of Jallikattu verdict.

What are our demands ?

 – Permanent exempt from NEET for TN for the MBBS seats allocated under State Government

 – Education to be moved to state list from concurrent list

 – Admission to be governed by single window system for private institutions and deemed     universities.Government should decide the fees structure. Strict action should be taken on the institutions violating the fees regulations.

While the ideological differences and opposition arising out of this are understandable, is it justified to prevent our youth from going in the right path ?

Losing your fundamental rights inherited to you by your ancestors through hard fought protest and sacrifices and being a silent spectator in the event of oppression is the wrong path.